fuar_istanbulBeauty Fair in Turkey

We decided to join Turkey Beauty & Skin Care Fair in March.

We are very excited to share our feelings with us immediately about beauty fair.

Beauty Fair took 4 days.Beginning of the fair we met our followers who came from İstanbul and Anatolia.

Micro tape in extension and butterfly tape in extension are our productions.

Tape in extensions products are so much popular and we shared informations with our guests.

we gave information about application system.

we are so proud of ourselves because we are only here in beauty fair as a sach hair production firm.

At the end of the fair we took Plate of Succes.

we hope to see you again in new domestic and abroad fairs.

Call Center:444 3 671

Gsm – WhatsApp : 0532 592 88 42

Phone: +90 212 542 45 85


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