Bulk Hair Guide describes what is the difference between 1A grade hair and 7A grades hair : Longevity = High Grade – Hair comes in many various grades from all-time low that isn’t any grade (aka non remi) A – AAA to Superior Grades 6A/7A)

The higher the grade the longer it last with correct care and additionally the care given by the collectors. Non Virgin, Non remy, Processed human hair , Virgin 1A to 3A area unit lowest grade and sure to tangle particularly if you employ the incorrect hair care merchandise and don’t pay abundant attention thereto.

1-3A hair is sometimes terribly dry and brittle with split ends , might have gray and this grade is generally sold-out in native beauty store in pretty packages processed as virgin remi as a result of it’s low-cost and continuously on the market for production. Chemical use to administer it the great feeling till once you wash it a number of times.

3A most within your means virgin hair on the market. 3A hair tends to be abundant drier and can not last as long compared to real 4A+ it’ll need additional typically deep acquisition to stay it in good condition. AAAA (4A is way higher, however cuticle not in same direction, 5A area unit full cuticle virgin hair, 6A, 7A area unit the most effective secure Pure Virgin Remy full cuticle same direction). they’re additionally named as Royalty Grade. Most firms don’t provide them as a result of the of the high value.

Need hair short term strive 3A Grades /4A Grades or if your on a good budget or would like coloured hairs 1-3 months, >> 4A area unit thought-about master’s degree grade Virgin hair3-6, 5A is High grade Virgin up to 1yrs, 6A is Royal Grade Virgin remy hair & 7A area unit our superior grades and area unit solely on the market from our Turkish hairĀ  virgin assortment directly from Turkey!

we’ll continuously be honest with our clients! search prime grades and rest assured your obtaining the most effective on the market for that grade or we’ll not ship it! computer network. www.hairextensionstr.com

Virgin hair – Refers to hair that’s utterly unprocessed, and intact. To qualify as virgin hair, it should meet rigorous standards including: not been curly, dyed, colored, bleached, with chemicals processed in any means. Virgin hair is that the hair you would like if you’re attending to dye the hair. Virgin hair is probably going to possess a number of strands of grey or white hair since it’s in its natural color and has not been colored. this is often a natural characteristic of 100 percent virgin hair. it always comes during a color vary around #1b to #1 a natural dark brown to black.

What’s the distinction between single/double drawn hair?

Single drawn Remy hair additionally referred to as Virgin hair is formed of hairs of all totally different lengths because it grows naturally on the top. The cuticles area unit intact and these items look terribly natural. Double drawn hair is sorted in order that all the hairs during a filling area unit at intervals one or 2 inches long, this is often sorted in order that all of the strands area unit of the precise same length. this is often the foremost overpriced grade of hair attributable to the care that’s needed and therefore the time it takes to kind the hair thus meticulously. For our 5A Royal Grade computer network. www.hairextensionstr.com

Final Break down:

  • 3A as processed remi (no for bleaching or coloring)0-3 mos
  • 4A master’s degree grade Virgin hair will elevate to #8 #27-30 (good for ombre)1-6 mos
  • 5A High grade Virgin hair ( cuticle hair) 6-1yrs
  • 6A Natural Virgin remy ( Asian mill steamed for textures)cuticle correct)1-3yrs
  • 7A Turkish virgin remy bulk hair (Organic patterns not steamed) Luxury high value.(3-5yrs)