Virgin Hair:

Virgin hair is hair that has ne’er been processed or treated with ANY quite chemicals. The hair is in its state of nature with its cuticles running within the same direction and in considerateness. you’ll be able to bleach, dye and method Virgin hair even as you’d your own.

Remy Hair:

Remy hair is hair that has all the cuticles running within the same direction. Remy hair differs from Virgin hair chiefly therein it’s been with chemicals processed for color or texture, however the cuticle still remains in considerateness therefore the hair won’t tangle.



It’s the foremost versatile and pronto accessible on the market. The hairs density is incredibly fine. It’s naturally ethereal, lightweight and bouncy and might simply be curled and titled. Indian hair moves effortlessly with minimal product. It conjointly blends well with most hair textures. This hair texture may be found starting from smooth to gently coarse.


Brazilian Hair is that the most wanted texture on the market straight away. This hair is employed multifariously attributable to its softness, sturdiness and density (thickness). This texture is best to mix with most quality from some Caucasian textures to African yankee relaxed textures. Brazilian hair is very luxurious and extremely soft with lots of body and natural shine. Its luster is low to medium. attributable to the density of Brazilian hair, you will not wish to use as several bundles as you’d commonly use with different textures to form a full look. owing to its natural density, with this hair, less is a lot of. conjointly attributable to its density, it’s less doubtless to curl than different hair sorts like Malaysian or Indian Hair. Brazilian hair will hold curls longer than Indian or Malaysian textures. This hair is very versatile. It’s amazing!

Peruvian Hair is that the final useful hair! It’s very soft and ultimately feather lightweight! you’ll be able to have up to 5 bundles of a Peruvian hair put in nonetheless still maintain a feathery light, rectifiable vogue. This hair is coarser in texture than Indian or Brazilian hair and its luster is low to medium. It blends fine with African-American relaxed hair textures and medium Caucasian hair textures. This hair is opulent and another one amongst our favorites.

Malaysian Hair may be a extremely wanted texture and a really standard choice among celebrities. Malaysian hair has a particularly luxurious feel and is sleek and glossy, however not overly shiny. Its luster is low to medium-similar to Brazilian hair. This hair hold curls very well while not the employment of product. it’s usually terribly dark brown; near black with some bundles might having lighter ends. This hair blends fine with most hair sorts as well as African yankee. It doesn’t swell or curl in wet conditions creating it low maintenance. This hair is amazing-you can love it!

Eurasian virgin hair: may be a mixture of pure virgin European and pure Asian hair seamed on a woof. This hair is incredibly beautiful; this hair doesn’t tangle or shed. it’s currently the most popular hair on the market straight away it’s worn lots by celebrity stars.

Cambodian hair is lightweight, smooth and lustrous in texture that is one amongst the explanations that it’s the foremost standard form of hair extensions within the market. the sunshine texture of the Cambodian human hair makes it easy to wear and maintain. With correct care Cambodian human hair, won’t mat or tangle and maintain its smooth, luscious state.

Bohemian hair weave may be a extremely elegant wavy look. The curls area unit very tight and full. Bohemian weave comes in a very style of lengths and colours.

One of the very best quality hair sorts is Russian hair. Russian hair is soft, shiny and glossy. Hair from this a part of the globe is mostly of the next quality. Russian hair is of course gently coloured, thus it doesn’t need the colour to be stripped with bleach.

Mongolian Hair is real unprocessed virgin human hair that’s tighter and kinkier than all of our different wavy textures. In terms of maintenance, it’s the foremost tough owing to the kinkiness of the curl pattern. you’ll be able to wash and opt for lustrous lavish curls or let hair naturally dry for tighter curls. Curls may be combed or brushed out for the natural Afro look! Hair may be worn bone straight once straightened with a high heat ceramic flat iron. this is often the simplest hair for ladies of color United Nations agency area unit natural or transitioning.

True European human hair extensions might return from Russia, European country or Italian Republic and is usually thick and soft. This hair is ok and smooth swish. Color ranges from natural brown to brown and generally blond. it’s wealthy in texture and also the cuticle of this hair is oval and every strand is agent than different sorts. Texture is of course straight however some comes naturally wavy. European-style human hair might return from outside Europe however encompasses a similar texture to true European hair. True European human hair is taken into account higher quality and prices over most different human hair weave sorts.

Chinese Virgin Human Hair comes from the Asia. it’s heavier, thicker and a lot of dense than Virgin Indian Hair. It’s shiny, and also the texture feels nice and swish. It may also are available a natural coarse straight texture. The straight textures wave up slightly once wet. It’s nice for all hair textures and makes lovely Kinky Straight and Yaki textures. conjointly makes a really natural Kinky wavy Texture. This hair appearance wonderful once you desire a sleek straight look.

Filipino hair has the body and thickness you’ve got been dreaming concerning. The cuticles area unit intact and flowing within the same direction that minimizes shedding and tangling. This hair will hold its own. It holds curls, straightens fantastically and when wash can come back to its wild. you’ll be able to manipulate this hair over your average Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, etc… as a result of it’s robust. This hair is additionally low maintenance. you may not have to be compelled to add abundant product to the hair for it to perform. Hair blends fantastically with relaxed or natural hair.

Known for its distinctive texture and fantastic curl pattern. it’s high-ticket to derive however undoubtedly well worth the value Hair is sourced naturally wavy or generally wavy, however may be straightened or steamed ironed to realize Associate in Nursing alternate texture. it’s full and soft with countless body and bounce.

Remotely sourced from Associate in Nursing island in South East Asia. It exhibits all the characters of fine hair. It is fine, thick strands, significant in weight, voluminous, simple to keep up, soft, swish and most importantly terribly luscious. we have a tendency to supply for wavy textures by standard demand, however unshakable straight textures conjointly accessible.

Himalayan hair is pretty wonderful owing to its overall resistance to wetness. it’s Indian in earth science (The Himalaya Mountains area unit IN Asian country when all) however the hair is really completely different attributable to the native history. it’s lustrous while not an excessive amount of shine. Remains terribly healthy trying over an extended long amount of your time. it’s one amongst the rarest hairs on the market.

Argentine hair is that the one amongst the most popular hair within the world right,its super smart and swish once feeling it, it’s alittle a lot of texture than the Indian hair it may be roller set, or curled with Associate in Nursing iron however once it’s washed and conditioned it’ll come back to straight hair. This Argentine Hair {can conjointly|also can|can even|may also|may} be upraised or coloured it’s also machine woof.

Burmese hair comes from the country of Asian nation. the feel of the Burmese hair is compatible for those with coarse natural rough hair. Burmese hair is healthy and very resilient. It lasts for an extended time. Burmese hair is cross between Chinese and Indian hair and it provides you endless styling choices. This hair may be worn it it’s original wavy pattern or straightened for a sleek look and can come back to it’s original pattern once washed.

Vietnamese hair is extremely regarded within the hair trade attributable to its flexibility, sturdiness and texture. Its characterictis area unit naturally robust, soft, smooth, smooth and lustrous. The hair is additionally naturally dark. Therefore, it provides the simplest attainable styling and installation choices for extensions and works nice with most trimming and weaving applications for everybody.

Blends absolutely with any rough hair. very voluminous, bouncy and has the foremost natural look. Ideal for wavy or straight designs. owing to its full texture, solely some bundles area unit needed for a look/full head.

There area unit 2 kinds of Hair: VIRGIN (UNPROCESSED) & (PROCESSED).

(UNPROCESSED)-Meaning the hair is in it’s wild with no chemicals thereto. it’s cut then seamed on to the woof. Being that every one of our hair is VIRGIN HAIR, it’ll solely are available natural black or its natural color.

VIRGIN hair suggests that, hair that has not been processed in any way; therefore, it’s typically taken from girls or ladies United Nations agency haven’t processed their hair. This hair is 100% natural, thus there’s no injury to the cuticles. No different process is finished.

(PROCESSED HAIR) -Meaning it’s virgin hair that has currently been processed. it’s processed by adding color, perms, and completely different textures. confine mind, there’s still a definite distinction from the hair that you just get in your native beauty store.

1. All of the hair that we stock here at SACH & VOGUE HAIR  is Virgin Hair – not hair mixed with artificial hair that’s found in stores.

2. when process, it still holds its quality.

3. it’s conjointly reusable, attributable to its quality.

Now that I actually have explained the categories, i will be able to currently educate you on the various cuts. it’s lessened into 2 kinds of cuts: Double Drawn and Single Drawn.

DOUBLE DRAWN HAIR-means hair is cut directly from the basis and middle back so every hair is that the same length for a a lot of thicker fuller look. This method permits most the hairs to be a similar length, that is rare in most human hair. it’s conjointly alittle heavier than single drawn.

SINGLE DRAWN HAIR-means the hair is cut typically beginning at middle back across the highest solely, going away very cheap (ends) in its wild. during this case, you may realize shorter lengths throughout the hair as a result of it’s the hair at the top of the woman’s head; but, it’s nice quality hair that seems a lot of natural.

Now i will be able to educate you on the 2 differing types of “wefts” Machine woof , Hand Tied woof and Bulk Raw Hair.

Machine Wefts area unit created by stitching strands of hair along with a hair textile machine. Machine wefts area unit robust and durable and don’t shed or unravel once cut.

Hand Tied Wefts area unit created by attachment strands of hair around a robust weaving thread this method is finished by hand. Hand-tied wefts area unit agent and finer, however they shed at the ends once the woof is cut. For hand-tied woofs the hair stylist or installer has to apply glue to the ends wherever the weft is cut throughout the installation method. Typically, stylists have their own personal preferences in terms of which sort of woof they wish to work with. each kinds of wefts offer lovely and natural trying hair extensions.

We solely carry Machine we have a tendency toft here at SACH & VOGUE HAIR

Bulk Raw Hair is hair that has not been placed on a woof, it’s cut from the donors hear placed in a very bundle and washed. Bulk Raw Hair is sweet for trimming, creating closures, frontal, fusions, small rings, wigs and weaving.