Butterfly Micro Tape in Extension

butterfly tape in extensionsNew System Butterfly Micro Tape İn Extension
New trend micro tape extension system especially for women who want faster and more practical solutions in extension system
The Micro tape extension method is diveded into two;
1. Micro Tape System: Two seperate micro tape are spliced together (with a width of 4cm).
The process will be approximately half an hour to one hour. But the time may also change with put on the weight of gram the hair. İt is a very pratical solution, especially in order to take advantage of the time.
2. Micro Butterfly System: A micro tape extension method, the name comes from because it looks like a butterfly shape, with a width of 2cm. This system is a little longer but it will also have a more homogeneous look on the hair, particulary if the hair is short and sparse, it can be applied hair to the sides or top.

In short, we continue to produce new methods for all hair types and lengths.
We are proud of being the first Turkish Company to producing and importation micro tape systems.
As in our center hair extension applications at the same time, we sell wholesale bulk hair and micro tape system.
You could call our center for detail information. 444 3 671 whatsapp : +90532 5928842

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