Organic Dye Stuf Colored Bulk Hair Products Green Process Virgin Cuticle Hair

Virgin Cuticle Hair

Colored Bulk Hair Products Green Process Virgin Cuticle Hair

This is Murat from sach hair, a manufactory specializing in

hair extensions of high end market since 1990.

Today I bring the news of the difference between acid bath and green process.


Currently only few manufactories could produce the high quality

hair with cuticle intached and we are the top one! Frankly, you could

buy good raw hair material with cuticle intacted(not dyed), while if

you want the coloured hair with cuticle intacted, only we have the

advanced technology to do so.


That’s because we have the unique colouring technology than any other

factories.Normally they only use red, yellow, blue three-primary colours.

when they need to colour the hair the cuticle must be removed to make sure

the bleaching and colouring process. Even they have the good quality hair with

cuticle intacted, the cuticle needs to be removed by a acid bath  when they colour the hair.That is a technology problem for most manufactories.


While for us we have the advanced colouring technology imported from Germany,

that makes the base tune more average and balanced. We never use the acid bath and could keep the cuticle intacted, it’s totally green process! So our hair could be used for 1-3 years with the protection of cuticle! And the hair could be

rebleached or recoloured because of the unique colouring technology! We have

the confidence to say no noe could compete with us on this point in currently Chinese hair market!


If you have any interests on our green process virgin cuticle hair WhatsApp:+90 532 592 88 42

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