hair systsmsInformation about Hair Extension Systems

Firstly, I will mention about what is hair extension system and who can use it ?

because of using false techniques in coiffeurs or hair centers  most of the women’s hair are wear so if they want to colorize their hair unfortunately they face to hair burning problems.

Women can have problems if they want to stretch their hair. Another example is people can have problems because of some illnesses or another reasons their hairs can be loss.

Sach Company beautfy your hairs everytime. If you have problem with your hair we advise us natural hair extension systems. We have so many variety of hair colours and extension systems.

Firstly , our hair experts analise your hair type, color and density and determine which extension is suitable for your hair after we decide hair extension system depending on your views.

at the end , we apply hair extension in our center carefully. Some of the extension application duration time , price and application changes depending on hair extension system.

If you want quick solution we advise us micro tape in extension system and sides of the head we can apply tiny micro tapes named as butterfly tape in extension.

We also advise us another system is Nanofilament extension which is a new technique in extension system and it can not be seen when you tie up your hair.

Tape in Extension application duration time is approximately 30 – 60 minutes. Application time of butterfly extension is same.

Micro Extensions application time is approximately 3.5 hours.

Nanofilament hair extension application time is approximately 4 between 6 hours.If you don’t find your hair extension as you wish we have alternative choises for you.

If you want to learn more information about our hair extension systems and our products you can reach our call center Sach Company 444 3 671 or Whatsapp 0532 592 8842

We share application videos for you.

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