Is It Possible To Extensions Very Short Hair?

Many people come to our center have a different stories for themselves. Some our customers have their own illness states, damaged hair and they want to make Hair Extensions immediate.

Another customer thinks that hair won’t be Hair Extensions because they hair is too short. In fact, the answers they get very short hair Ladies from hairdressers ‘’can not be Hair Extensions’’. We have quite a lot of customers like this.

Sach Extensions Center come to our latest customer told us, it was to short hair for the Hair Extensions and she would buy a wig. Hair Extensions Expert Murat KOLUKIRIK as an example 1 Micro Hair Extensions applied to our customer. Our customer was very much like Hair Extensions System. Our customer wanted to Hair Extensions with surprise and thrill. It was great to see this awesome change after hair appllication was over.

In our customer hair;

• At the 200 Gram density,
• Platinum Color,
• 65 cm Long,
• %100 Real Human Hair is used

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