Tape-in Hair Extensions
Tape-in Hair Extensions

Our First Tape-in Hair Extensions Model Alina, Our Color 801 – 60 – 60 1/3 OMBRE & BALAYAGE MOSCOW BEAUTY

As Sach & Vogue Hair, our followers and customers know that there are too many colors in our color catalog and they know that we care about tape-in hair extensions.

From main tones to intermediate tones, all kinds of red, crazy colored hair and ombre, balayage…

Now we are here with new ashy tones that we call 1/3 ombre.

Let’s start with Moscow Beauty, the first of which is incredibly in demand (801 – 60 – 60 1/3 OMBRE & BALAYAGE).

In 2019, we used and introduced the California blonde color in our advertising work on our American model. The orders we received from hairdressers or wholesalers from Europe, America and the Middle East made the color the most popular and trendy color of the last 4 years. As a company, we observed that color companies and many world-famous hairdressers are trying to make the same color, and we came across many reels videos on Instagram.

We are absolutely sure that we will see this color as the new trend color.

A very special ombre and a blend (801 – 60 – 60 1/3 OMBRE & BALAYAGE).

A wonderful harmony of two colors that start with a natural ashy tone and finish with a blonde tone towards the ends.

You can have it prepared or you can use it as a Tape-in Hair Extensions, as a hair clip, or as a keratin tip.

You can follow the application stages on the Model Alina and observe the color. If you like it, you can check out the before and after images on Instagram and save it.

tape-in hair extensions

Another tape-in hair extensions Model Rada

Our Color (5N-6N)

Another Model Rada, Our Color ( 5N-6N ) Those who have a hairdresser background know that it is very difficult to achieve natural hair color, even in dyeing processes. Also, consider this on hair extensions or clips. Bleaching cold hair (hair that is not attached to the scalp), especially to ashy tones, takes a great deal of success and dedication.

In our R&D studies that we have done by the company, we have done a lot of rehearsals on the hair and achieved new results. These results brought us to the new colors we call the N series. Rada lady’s natural main color consists of baby yellow and ashy tones that have never been dyed, only the ends are opened due to the sun. Although it may seem like a single color when you look at it in general, its hair is in a wonderful natural mixture. We understood that too. We applied Tape-in Hair Extensions to him and we applied butterfly tape in hair extensions because the side parts of his hair are thin and weak.

butterfly tape in hair extensions

Now our colors are on the market, we have presented them to your liking.

See you in New Colors and Models.


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