Sach ® Hair Extensions Training & Vogue Hair Extensions Training Turkey Hair boasts the most qualified hair master and experienced education professional hair extensionist team working in hair extensions today.
Our professional hair extensions training packages are the ideal platform for our salon partners to move into the exciting world of Sach ® hair extensions & Vogue Hair ®.

Extensions education is SACH ® ACADEMY accredited, fully certified and is tailored to suit your needs. We offer hair extensions training education in the comfort of your own salon, or centralized training is available. You can choose from an extensive education menu including Prebonded Keratin Hair Extensions Training, Micro Ring Extensions Training, Tape Extensions Training, Micro Capsules Extensions Training and Extend Magic Hair Extensions Training.

These are give you the choice of permanent hair extensions using a bonded method or semi-permanent extensions using no heat, or when time is of the essence, Superfast Extensions and of course Ready to Wear .