What Is the Tape ın Hair Extensions?

hair extensionsTape in Hair Extensions is currently the trendier Hair Extensions system.
You can make an Extensions both natural and fast with 0.08 cm long adjustable bands.

This system which makes you forget even in daily life; it is also very affordable.
Every Extensions method made at 3/4 month intervals means an extra cost.
Accordingly, it is profitable for you to apply based on overhaul times.

How Is It Used?
Actually, it would be more accurate to ask the someone who is using to apply perpetual.
We especially asked Ms. Mürvet in the bellow video link.

When it came overhaul monthly we saw the falling hair and asked immediately.
• How is it used,
• Why hair falls,
• How to put it back in place,
• What are the monthly cost?

Here are the answers she has given below.
Then there are photos taken in our center.
We hope so you like our video.

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