What different types of applications do you do for
your clients?

It really depends on your needs! We do applications to increase length; these applications usually involve more hair for the most natural effect.

We do applications for volume; this application really depends on where you would like more volume.

We can target specific areas or just add hair in the front to say instantly have longer bangs. We also can add hair for color options. Some of our clients don’t want to undergo the chemical process involved to add lowlights to their hair, or don’t want to deal with the fading, especially common in damaged hair.

We can add in different tones of hair which will add volume, thickness and strands of color that will never wash out. There are so many applications and
benefits to hair extensions from adding thickness,depth, color or length.

Will Sach Hair Extensions damage my own hair?

As we explained, the gentle process involved in the Sach Hair Extensions approach, there is minimal to no damage. The idea is to grow your own hair while you are wearing extensions. All of our clients leave
with an at home care package which gives you all the information you need to have your extensions look their best and last a long time. This information can also be found on our website. We have hand
selected the Sach Hair Extensions method to ensure the healthiest, most natural extension that enables
healthy hair growth.

Sach Hair Extensions can be removedany time professionally. When it is time for your extensions to be removed, we use a solution which d
issolves the bond, so removal is easy and fast.

How do you match my hair?

We need to see all of our clients prior to their extension appointment. We will look at your color,texture and needs. Your color or colors, should you choose, are matched exactly to your hair to ensurethe perfect color match. We also will match the texture by adding thicker bonds to match up thickertextures of hair and thinner strands to match finer
textures of hair. This is a key element to ensuring thebest, most natural look. Sach Hair Extensions are special
and custom ordered. We always do our consultations at least one day prior to the application appointment. During your consultation we will also discuss the amount of hair needed for the desired look. We will also confirm the total cost at this time as well

How long will my extensions last?

This question is relative to how fast your hair gro
ws. The extensions are applied to your root and their longevity really depends on how quickly your hair grows. The bond does eventually grow out leaving a root in between the bond and root. As far as your
bonds remaining strong, healthy and intact, we require you to follow our directions on home care and your extensions can be expected to last 4-6
months. You do need to use an experienced technician, as if  Sach Hair Extensions are improperly applied, they can come out immediately causing damage to your own hair.

Can anyone get hair extensions?

Great question! No, not everyone is a candidate fo
r hair extensions. Clients with scalp disorders that cause excess oil, or clients with extreme textures of hair, are not candidates for hair extensions. For our
clients with scalp conditions, or extremely oily hair, we will scope the scalp for a magnified photo of the scalp to ensure we are aware of everything to make an appropriate decision. Extremely fragile, finer
hair with below average density is not a candidate for extensions.

How much do hair extensions cost?

There are so many different applications and relative prices. Adding in a few for added color, or depth, to adding in many for increased length can cost as
little as $70.00 and go up to $4000.00. It all dependson how many are required. Sach Hair Extensions are ordered in bundles of 25 or 50 and can be ordered in
length of 8 – 20 inches. Once you have decided Sach Hair Extensions is right for you, we will take a deposit upon booking your application appointment. In betw
een your consultation and application appointment, we ask that you do not make any changes to your.

Can I color my hair when I have my extensions in?

Absolutely! We will discuss your color or chemical touch-up appointments during your consultation.I have short hair but it’s really fine around my face, could I still have
hair extensions?
We do that type of application all the time!! We can add some hair to your crown or bang for extra hair,longer bang or different color. After your extensions are applied, we will cut the extensions tailored to your desired look. Most people don’t realize what extensions can do for a short hair cut! We can tweak you short or medium length hair style, taking it from boring to fab in about 30 minutes!!

I flat iron and curl my hair; can I do that with extensions?

Of course! You need to keep any hot tools away from the bond of the extension. Sach Hair Extension is allhuman hair that you can blow-dry, flat-iron curl, or straighten as you would your regular hair.

You can also set in Velcro or hot rollers. The extensions do have a bit of a wave to them, which are beautifulscrunched or blow-dry smooth.

You can do to the extensions whatever you do to your own hair, provided you keep hot tools such as flat irons away from the bond.
Should you have any questions we haven’t covered, pease feel free to call us directly. We would be only too happy to help yo