Butterfly Extensions Application

butterfly tapeRecently, New popular trend is on the East side, unfortunately Turkey have problem because of bad quality and wrong application.
Especially, semi-synthetic hair brought into Turkey from China and after application hair couldn’t comb easily. Also it’s glue is not good , hairs is falling out earlier.
Therefore, the system was not well known in our country and unfortunately, was badly recognized.
Sach Hair System Import-Export A.Ş we want to make our products in this situation.
We have a started to make these hair in our center where this hair many famous have used outland.
The result is brilliant.
We are currently sell not only to our customers but also to other Hair Extension Centers and hairdressing salons.
İt is easy to both apply and does not damage the hair. You process takes time one hour or one and a half. So it saves your time and price.
By the way the application can also be done on short hair.
İt is packing in sets of 100gr / 150gr / 200gr / 250gr and here comes ready for your hair coloring.
You can call or Call Center for more information and Appointment.
+90 212 542 45 85 & Whatsapp 0532 592 8842

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