Butterfly Tape in Hair Extensions

New trend micro tape welding system for women who want more fast and more practical solutions especially in hair welding systems

Micro tape welding method is divided into 2;

1) Micro Tape System: 2 different micro tape tapes (4 cm wide) which we call toast system are made by gluing together.
The procedure is approximately half an hour to 1 hour with the weight of the hair. It is a very practical solution, especially in terms of time.

2) Micro Butterfley System: It is a micro tape welding method whose width is 2 cm long because of its butterfly shape. The construction phase is longer in this system, but especially for the shorter ones and for the women whose hair is sparse, they will have a more homogenous appearance when applied to the top and sides of the hair.
In short, we continue to produce new methods for all types and lengths of hair.

We are proud to be the first Turkish company to produce and import micro tape systems.
In our center, we have wholesale hair and wholesale micro tape systems as well as hair welding applications.

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