tape in extensionSingle Solution To Burned Hair

We want to talk about two different guests.
In general, we can not make such interviews with everyone, but we are talking to us for thanks a lot They gently welcome us.
One of them is Ms. Selda, Ms Selda has got lost hair health because she uses her hair in a light color. Especially those who use their hair with platin and highlights. Because the hair is actually burning So, hair does not growing.

Here, Ms Selda accumulated a lot of extension hair in this way. In fact, you will understand you watch the video. She’s a sweet, confident and this situation analyze very well a business woman. We thank you again and we strongly recommend to watch the video.

The second quest is Ms Ebru; she is sitting very close to our center in Florya. We had the first Hair Extension application and we can not give it up now. Her hair is light but abundant. Despite the operation on her hair, it’s fine. She said ‘’ she wanted an application to purpose of grow hair and thicken a little. We recommended Micro Tape System. We have made Butterfly Extensions, which are also in smaller version, towards the sides of the hair and top. She is able to collect her hair in anyway and she is a very glad with this situation.

Her videos are also next to each other.
We hope the video are useful for new users.

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