What is therefore special concerning us?
We solely contend with virgin hair, bulk hair we have a tendency to ne’er method hair, we have a tendency to don’t knowledge to method hair and that we do not work with any reasonably hair except our 100% virgin Turkish Anatolian hair!!
We are the primary and largest bulk hair company in Istanbul Turkey and also the region, to make a good chain of hair collectors and branches. Our hair collectors travel everywhere the land, visiting cities, villages and farms, remote from home, remote from Istanbul, and then, return with the hair, rest for a couple of days and quit once more to search out new places and new hair.
All virgin natural hair wigs square measure created with a multidirectional silicone polymer (skin) implant in order that direction of the hair is modified. In hair implants, hair by hair square measure inserted by hand. This advanced technique makes it attainable to imitate human scalp in order that our company will offer our purchasers with a product that meets their desires and wishes.
We are located in Istanbul Turkey, that is that the fantastic town.
In our central office we have a tendency to check and classify the hair, washing it, confiscate the egg and gray (which we have a tendency to don’t have much), we comb the hair, live it and ship it to all or any destinations.
A part of the hair goes to “wefting”, bleaching, to our wig mill and to the keratin extensions staff.
We ne’er obtain tangled hair as we’ve got our collectors and our strict directions to our collectors, “cut the hair by yourself” “if some hair fell all the way down to the ground, leave it there”. this fashion we have a tendency to avoid any downside of tangled hair and assure zero % of tangle hair.
We square measure dedicated solely to mother hair marketplace, we have a tendency to ne’er method hair and that we do not know the way to method. we have a tendency to might solely bleach hair for our purchasers wants.

Our bulk hair is “just cutted” and that we solely have Turkish Anatolian Bulk Hair.

We sell abroad solely in wholesale however shortly we have a tendency to will begin retail sales too.

  • Shipment: we have a tendency to ship the hair and also the hair merchandise by UPS to each destination you will want the pack to be sent.
  • Payment: bank transfers to our account. Soon, after we can begin our retail sales, we’ll settle for conjointly PayPal credit cards payment.
  • Supply time: typically we offer the hair in bulk at intervals two days, and 4-5 days of shipping.

As for wefts and hair extensions orders, we have a tendency to may provide at intervals two days if we’ve got available and up to ten days if we’ve got to organize a special order.

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Bulk Hair Cut

Bulk Hair Cut

  1. Hello,

    I would like to know the price of 200 to 350 grams of your bulk hair… ( straight or curly) 16 to 22 inch.

    By the way how much will it cost to my hair+ bulk hair.

    Many thanks,


  2. Hello can you give me the price of your hair

  3. Hello, I am looking for virgin weft hair around 66-76 centimeters in length 250-300 grams in weight. Could you send me some prices in my email? And could you tell me what colors you have available?

  4. Hello, could you send me a price list for you hair? I want something around 66cm and 250 grams. Thanks!

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